Undergraduate programmes

Current Bible and Ministry programs offered on regular basis at the College are unaccredited. They intend to offer professional training for preachers and church leaders of the Lord’s church. Available programs are: »» Studies in Sacred Ministry,
»» Studies in Bible and Christian Ministry and
»» Advanced Studies in Bible and Christian Ministry. [There for information on admissions requirements]

Minor Courses
In addition to the Bible based programs, the following minor programs are also introduced to provide other employable skills to interested students so that they can earn additional income to support themselves:

»» Diploma in Teacher Education offered by the University of Cape Coast
»» Diploma in Community Development offered by the Kwaso Rural Development College and
»» Certificate in Primary Health Care offered by the Church of Christ Mission Clinic

Other Training Options Available
As a means to increase access to GBC’s training opportunities to people who otherwise cannot attend full time training on-campus, the following alternatives are put in place...Read More


The Knutsford University College at the GBC Campus offers the following accredited degree and diploma programs:
  • a. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration programs with options in:
    • >> Accounting
    • >> Finance
    • >> Marketing
    • >> Human Resource Management

    b. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology [Click here for information on admissions requirements]
    c. Diploma in Business Administration
    d. Diploma in Computerized Accounting [Click here for information on admissions requirements]