Ghana Bible College History

The Ghana Bible College (GBC) is the first seminary of the churches of Christ in Ghana. The College was established in 1962 by missionaries from the Cedars Church of Christ in Delaware, the United States of America. The Preaching school was set up to train itinerant preachers to propagation of the gospel and to develop local leaders for the development of the church in Ghana.
Reflecting on our immediate past, we are thrilled to see what has become of this small seminary, serving as the primary centre for preacher training and quality human resource development for the spread, management and effective development of the church of Christ in Ghana and West Africa. Through the work of GBC, we now over 3,000 congregations of the Lord’s church in all the ten (10) regions in Ghana.
We recall and take inspirations from the enormous contributions and sacrifices of our forerunners like Sewell Hall, Wendell Broom, Jerry Reynolds, Dewayne Davenport, all from the USA, as well as John Oppong Gaidoo and S. B. Obeng and their families, as the first Ghanaian convert and the first Ghanaian Principal of the College respectively.
PRODUCTS OF GBC The College has since its establishment trained over 850 preachers who were enrolled from Ghana and other African countries including Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Ethiopia. These men of God have been in the forefront in the propagation of the gospel and planting churches in both rural and urban communities in Ghana and many other countries including the USA, Britain and Italy.
Interestingly, the College can count on some nine Preaching Schools in Ghana and others in other countries which were started and/or run by people who graduated from the Ghana Bible College to train more preachers for the work of the ministry.
The Ghana Bible College provides Ghanaian preachers and church leaders with continuous education in their fields of the ministry through seminars, workshops, and lectureships. The College works with the Alumni Association in organizing annual HOMECOMING seminars for all old students and preachers from other Preaching schools for knowledge and experience sharing in the second week of October each year.