As the first seminary of the churches of Christ in Ghana, the Ghana Bible College (GBC) was established to train preachers and develop leaders for the local churches. The management of the College has maintained and continues to promote the original mission of their predecessors to ensure that the banner of the gospel is held higher for more souls to be won and nurtured for eternal life.

In pursuance of its mission, whilst responding appropriately to dynamics of modern society, the management of GBC has started reengineering processes to reposition the college to become more relevant to the church and attractive to the society within which it operates. The College is consistently but carefully adapting to the changing social, economic and academic environment in order to survive. Thus, GBC is transforming its operations and curriculum in line with current interest and direction of educational pursuit to meet the spiritual and human resource needs of the church. But then, it is important to assure all stakeholders that these efforts are in no way going to compromise the sanctity of the New Testament teachings, beliefs and practices of the Lord’s church.

It needs to be noted that, the complexity of the composition of the membership of the church today, and the sophistication of contemporary society from which we draw new members into the church put enormous challenges on the skills mix of leaders of the modern congregations. Managing the church today therefore calls for better spiritual and academic preparations than it used to be in the past. The church today thus needs more trained and better quality leadership in the form of elders and deacons, preachers, Bible teachers, etc. to fulfill its role and to grow in the modern society.

As the premier centre for preacher training and leadership development for the Lord’s church in Ghana, GBC accepts the challenge to provide the needed rigorous and sound theological training to enhance practical competence, academic and socio-economic skills necessary to lead contemporary congregations. In a concerted effort to position the College to serve the church and society better, series of strategies are underway to guide the management over the short term, the medium term and the long term. The plan for the short term covers a period of five years from 2014 to 2018; the medium term from 2019 to 2023 and the long term from 2024 to 2028.

The Short Term Plan
The main focus of the short term plan includes:
1. To set up an Endowment Fund to ensure financial sustainability of the College for its continuous operation and growth in pursuance of its mission.

2. To train and develop qualified teaching and management staff required by the College to fulfil its mission

3. To attain healthy partnership with Knutsford University College (East Legon, Accra) to obtain institutional accreditation for the GBC campus to run accredited university programmes in other fields of study in addition to the Theology courses. This arrangement will attract a pool of prospective young ministers to add Theological training as second career to their various fields of study so that they can serve in the ministry the Lord’s church, wherever they may be, after their graduation.

4. To foster stronger relationship with the churches in Ghana, working through the college’s alumni and the leadership of the local churches to secure their support for the sustainable development of the College. This means that the local ownership of the College will be institutionalized through pragmatic programmes to involve the leaderships of the churches in Ghana in all matters of College.

5. To reinvigorate evangelism and church planting which appears to be going down lately. The College partner with local churches to undertake weekend house-to-house evangelism by the students. A whole week will be set aside in every semester to establish one new church at where there is no church or strengthen a dying church, in collaboration with any interested congregation that has plans for such project.

6. To increase access to GBC’s training opportunities to existing and prospective church leaders at district and regional levels. These people otherwise cannot attend full time training on-campus to due to their jobs, The aim is to produce more dedicated evangelists and quality leadership for congregations in both rural and urban communities.

The Medium Term Plan
In the medium term, the focus of the College would be the consolidation of the short term strategies and achievements, and expansion of the academic infrastructural facilities and faculties as well as financial and human resource based needed to obtain own independent accreditation from the National Accreditation Board.

The long-term Plan
The long-term plan of GBC will focus on the continuation and deepening of the gains of the previous phases as well as greater expansion of facilities, programs, resources and outreach in order to obtain fully-fledged institutional status as a chartered university.