The love of God desires all men to be saved into His eternal kingdom. The desire of man is to remain on this earth to enjoy the pleasures of his sinful life, forgetting he will die and be accountable for his life in this world. The desire of the devil is to lead all humans into eternal destruction in hell. For these reasons Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour came to seek and to save you and I from eternal agony and discomfort. The Good News is that our sins that condemn us into eternal hell have been paid for by the precious blood of Jesus. His atoning sacrifice does not propitiate for the sins of only the believed, but also any other person who shall believe and baptize shall be saved.


But, “how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them.” It is really true that multitude out there needs to hear of the saving gospel of Christ, but the preachers are still few. Will you take the challenge as Jesus invited Peter and his friends to leave their boats and follow Him to fish men for God’s kingdom? This is the greatest opportunity God is inviting you to become a Preacher of the Good News of Christ Jesus. Become a true bearer of the touch that leads people to God in HEAVEN.