Mr Emmanuel Antwi


Mr Emmanuel Antwi

Principal - 2014-

He was selected by a search Committee of the College Council from among a number of prospective candidates to become the third Ghanaian President (Principal)

Mr. Antwi is pursuing development of high quality faculty and staff for a competitive institutional development through higher and continuous education of both faculty and administrative staff.It is under his administration that the long-awaited institutional accreditation which was started during the time of Dr. S.B. Obeng and pursued by Dr. Tawiah was achieved. Thus, nationally accredited Bachelors and Diploma programs are currently being offered along the Bible and Ministry programs at the College campus under the administration of Mr. Antwi. His objectives for these additional programs are:

  1. To use the College facility to also provide quality higher education to the youth of the church and poor children whose parents cannot afford to pay for relatively expensivesimilar programs in other universities.
  2. To use the programs to attract more young people into contact with the Bible and Ministry Programs at the College to further attract more young people into Bi-Vocational ministry careers.
  3. To provide opportunity forboth parents and students seeking forChristian Education at the higher education level in order to maintain the young ones in the church. This is important in view of the large number of Christian youth who fall off from the church after they have completed higher education from purely secular institutions.
  4. The additional Bachelors and Diploma programs, when fully established,seeks to raise additionalfunds from fees paid by students to sustain the Bible programs to train more preachers for the Lord’s church.
  5. To serve as foundation preparation towards accreditation for the Bible and Ministry programs.