Ghana Bible College exists to promote evangelism and development in the Christian faith through training church leaders and providing Christian education to all.

The Ghana Bible College seeks to become a centre of excellence in training Christians to provide quality leadership and selfless service to the Lord’s church and society.

In pursuance of its mission, the College has set the following short to medium term objectives:

  • To obtain national accreditation and partnership with both local and international academic and Christian institutions.

  • To develop high level human resource capacity required by the College to fulfill its mission.

  • To facilitate vigorous evangelism and church planting in partnership with local congregations.

  • To establish an endowment of at least US$1 million to ensure financial sustainability and smooth operation of the college.

  • To expand frontiers of training, research and innovation in Ministry for the growth of the Lord’s Church.

  • To expand and modernise physical infrastructure and facilities of the College.